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15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Recall Program

Apple warns about fire safety risk on some old MacBook Pro models.

15 inch MacBook Pro Battery recall geniusmac

MacBook Pro – 15-inches laptop have damaged battery

serial number verification

Go to the Apple official page to insert your Serial Number and understand if your Mac need intervention

verify if your macbook pro is eligible of intervention

About this Mac

Through the “about this mac” menu you can get info about your computer and see the Serial number, connect to the official Apple Recall Page and put the serial number in the form to understand if your Mac is affected by the problem.

What to do in case your battery need intervention

Replacement Process

In the case your number report you got the problem, you need to:

– Find an official Apple Reseller or Store

– Fix an appointment with the Repair Dept.

– Update your backup before to bring the Mac to Apple

– Work without your Mac for some days (it could take up to 1 entire week before to get your Mac back)

macbook pro 15 battery replacement
iwork at work

iWork @ Work – We can be productive also with our iPad or iPhone

Final consideration

Appreciate the free battery replacement

It could take a long time to get the Mac back, but at the end it is free and you get an official new battery for your beloved MacBook Pro.

Most of us have more than 1 Apple computer, but the 15-inch MacBook Pro is a professional laptop and work without it for some days could be a problem for most of us.

The top assistance, from Apple, could be to give a replacement Mac for the time they need to fix the problem.

This is what we expect from the best computer company in the World.


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