24 updates in 72 hours!

Too many updates with iOS

And more to comes! The updates of the iOS apps grow as never before.
Let’s study the phenomenon.

aggiornamenti ios eccessivi

So many updates in few hours!

gdpr rules geniusmac

General Data Protection Regulation entered into law from 25th of May 2018

Why the apps updates so often?

GDPR first…

Starting from april 2018 several apps start to update also 2, 3 times per months, giving to normal users (with around 100 apps installed) daily updates of severa apps at once.
The new European GDPR rules have been addressed as the reason why of these hectic activity.

So many months after… nothing changed

Still several updates after 3 months

At the end we understood GDPR was not the real and the only reason of these huge amount of updates. During the year apps are updated for several factors; some of them are:

  • Update policy
  • Update graphical interface
  • Update app features
  • Fixing bugs
  • Updating services
  • Update iOS

We can focus on about only one or two of these options at the end: Update app features and Bug fixing. But we estimate 80% of the update corrects bugs.

So we believe external software houses are making lots of money by scheduling a huge amount of bug fixing program on 2 weeks basis, in order to to justify the price of the service update. There are no significant upgrade of the features and rarely graphical interface enhacements. Just consider iOS 12 is coming next fall, so the apps upgrade represent a scarce ability to coding or an interesting earning opportunity.

We strongly believe in the last idea because we do not thing big companies will involve bad programmers into their business.

iOS 12 geniusmac assistance
100 apps updates geniusmac

Easily we can download up to 1Gb. of updates daily!

Several bugs, some features update

Our final thoughts

The end users experience a a frustrating work of continuous updating which means, in some cases, up to 1 Gb. of data downloaded daily and the idea they use apps which are not stable, well written, insecure. This is a negative picture of the reality and we believe companies will ask for better programmers in the future, also to gain some competitive advantage in branding identity.

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